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Leather Pack Saddle by Saddle Barn

This leather pack saddle features 12 to 14 oz skirting leather straps on a sawbuck tree.  3" heavy cotton webbing breast collar and breeching with leather reinforcement and two cinches.  Comes complete with 1 1/4" latigo tie straps.  (horse and pad not included)

Item# 21-06

Price:  289.99

21-07-pack-tree.gif (55864 bytes)

Pack Tree 

Humane style tree made from the very finest materials.  Shaped pine bars with oak crossbars.

Item# 21-07

Price:  89.99

15-31-felt-pack-pad.gif (39191 bytes)

Felt Pack Pad 

A must for the serious packer.  1" thick white felt pad. 30" x 40"

Item# 15-31

Price:  66.99

15-08-canvas-pack-pad.gif (25512 bytes)

Canvas Pack Pad 

Quilted canvas top, pack pad sewn on acrylic hair bottom.  1" thick pad.  30" x 44"

Item# 15-08

Price:  33.99

Leather_Breeching_21-16.gif (35099 bytes) 

Leather Breeching 

This leather breeching features 14 to 16 oz. skirting leather straps.  3" skirting leather butt strap with a 1 1/2" skirting leather reinforcement strap sewn on.  Nickel plated hardware.

Item# 21-16

Price:  99.99

21-12-utah-pannier.gif (65084 bytes)

Utah Pannier 

This pannier features a #4 duck canvas with leather reinforced corners.  Has 1" doubled and stitched skirting and latigo handles.  Handles are riveted to pannier and have roller buckle adjustments.  Top strap is 1 1/2" single ply skirting leather with roller buckle adjustment.  23" wide x 22" deep.

Item# 21-12

Price:  119.99

21-25-deluxe-pack-bag.gif (64730 bytes)

Deluxe Pack Bag 

This deluxe pack bag is made from #4 duck canvas with leather reinforced corners and stress points.  Features 1 1/2" heavy cotton webbing handles and top straps.  Dowel rod for extra support.  Nickel plated slide buckles for easy adjustment.  20" wide by 16" deep. 

Item# 21-25

Price:  149.99

21-55-saddle-pannier.JPG (25522 bytes)

Saddle Pannier 

This vinyl lined over saddle pannier features 2" poly reinforced straps with 1 1/2" poly top straps.  Cantle and horn are reinforced. 

Item# 21-55

Price:  89.99

21-81-canvas-duck-saddle-pannier.JPG (9958 bytes)

Canvas Duck Saddle Pannier 

This 16 oz. treated army duck canvas pannier is water proof and mildew resistant with 2" reinforcement poly straps.  Cover flaps for content protection and 1 1/2" poly top straps with slide buckles for easy adjustment.  Leather reinforced flap slots.  Cantle and horn slots are poly reinforced. 

Item# 21-81

Price:  109.99

21-30-44-cruppers.JPG (11045 bytes)

These flax seed cruppers prevent the saddle or packs from shifting too far forward.   Available in harness or nylon.  1" x 40" strap.  Nickel plated hardware. 
Item# 21-30   Nylon
Price:  35.99


Item# 21-44   Leather
Price:  49.99

21-27-49-canvas-nosebag-water-carrier.JPG (9351 bytes)

Nosebag and Water Carrier 
Canvas Nosebag - #4 duck canvas feedbag with leather bottom and vent hole.  3/4" nylon headstall with nickel plated hardware.
Item# 21-27  
Price:  16.99


Canvas Water Carrier - #4 duck canvas water carrier with l" cotton handle.  Collapsible water bucket-great for carrying water to camp.

Item# 21-49

Price:  11.99

21-09-08-49-pack-cinches.JPG (10382 bytes)

Pack Cinches 
Breeching - 3" heavy cotton webbing in a natural color.  Comes complete with 1" buckles for adjustment 3" x 40", nickel plated hardware.
Item# 21-09  
Price:  11.99


Breast Collar  3" heavy cotton webbing in a natural color.  Comes complete with 1" buckles for easy adjustment 3" x 32", nickel plated hardware.

Item# 21-08

Price:  14.99 


Pack Lash Cinch  3" heavy cotton webbing with skirting leather ends.  Brass hook and nickel plated ring on each end.  3" x 28"

Item# 21-10

Price:  26.99

canteen-horse-gift.jpg (64843 bytes)

Canteen-Hand Crafted by Master Saddler Mike Atlas

Item #  C100

Price:   $129.99

Leather Saddle Bags 

Item #  21201

Available in Natural or Black pictured in black


Price Only!   $19.99 


Leather Pommel Bags 

Item #  21202

Available in Natural or Black pictured in black

Price:   $14.99


21-21-22-leather-saddle-bag (28999 bytes)

Leather Saddle Bags 

Item #  21-21


Price:   $111.99


Item #  21-22


Price:   $102.99

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These scabbards are made of the fines skirting leather.  They are oiled and lacquered for a lifetime of use.  Features 4/4" leather carrying straps.  Available in four different styles.

21-18-leather-scabbard-wo-flap.gif (40137 bytes)

37" Scabbard with Scope

Item #  21-18

Price:   $99.99

21-37-3030-leather-scabbard.jpg (12359 bytes)

30/30 Scabbard

Item #  21-37

Price:   $89.99

21-26-leather-scabbard-with-flap.jpg (13393 bytes)

37" Scabbard with Flap and Scope

Item #  21-26

Price:   $119.99

21-66-leather-scabbard-bolt-action.jpg (12641 bytes)

Large Bolt Action Scabbard with Scope

Item #  21-66

Price:   $99.99

21-28-cordura-scabbards.gif (77556 bytes)

Quilted Nylon Scabbard

Soft case scabbards with 3/4" nylon straps.  Black or Brown

Item #  21-28

Price:   $49.99


11-23-tapaderos.JPG (36231 bytes)

Leather Tapaderos

12 to 14 oz. skirting leather.   Molded to fit.  1 1/2" visalia metal bound stirrups attached.

Item #  21-23

Price:   $119.99

hobbles-all-21-01.gif (49301 bytes)


Item #  21-01

1 1/34" wide harness leather hobble with swivel chain.

Price:   $42.99 


Item #  21-02

1" wide doubled and stitched latigo leather hobble that is durable and comfortable.

Price:   $29.99



Picket Hobble 1 3/4" wide picket hobble made from harness leather or nylon.

Item #  21-04   Leather

Price:   $22.99


Item #  21-05

Price:   $7.99


Nylon Hobble 1" wide doubled and stitched nylon hobbles.  Black or Brown

Item #  21-29

Price:   $10.99



Kodel Felt Lined Hobbles

1 3/4" wide nylon figure 8 hobble with felt lining.

Item #  21-03   Leather

Price:   $27.99


1 3/4" nylon hobble with felt lining.  Doubled and stitched 1" nylon connector straps.  Won't rub or cut

Item #  21-45

Price:   $26.99





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